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  • You NEED to Focus

    You NEED to Focus

    This post is an extension of my previous post: Why we need to re-define failure. When I speak at events, I talk a lot about how a lack of focus will be why you don’t succeed. For success, you need to focus on one business and not try to pull off multiple things. You must…

  • Why we need to re-define failure

    Why we need to re-define failure

    One of my pet peeves has been how success/failure is treated as a binary event. You either succeeded or you failed. This is obviously absurd. Even ignoring that one man’s success is another’s failure, you can have different levels of success (if you think about it, success is the opposite of failure). How can we…

  • How readability can make sure people actually read your content

    How readability can make sure people actually read your content

    What’s the easiest way to increase time-on-site, decrease bounce, and make it more likely people share your content? Readability. Readability: “The ease with which a reader can understand written text” Great content is irrelevant if it’s a pain to read. Most people who have a website rarely consider the typography used on their website –…

  • $100,855 by segmenting to 6500 emails.

    $100,855 by segmenting to 6500 emails.

    In this post I’ll be breaking down how we segmented our email list at Examine.com to 6500 emails and used it to generate over $100,000 for a sale. At the bottom I’ll give you a little checklist you can use for your own sale. There’s a follow up for the second year anniversary – Segmenting…

  • Hi I’m Sol

    Hi I’m Sol

    I’m a curmudgeon. And I’m always cranky with something. Over the past year, my responsibilities with Examine.com have mostly dissolved into the ether. As I’ve outsourced myself with more and more competent individuals, I’ve been left with a fair amount of idle time to think upon what it is I want to do next. It’s…

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