My policy


I have a simple policy: to keep my life as simple as possible.

As such, I treat myself as Switzerland. That means my companies (and me) have a strict policy of accepting no gifts and no freebies.

And like Switzerland, we’re happy to hang out and engage, but we live in our bubble.

But we don’t do JVs. Or affiliate deals. Or endorsements. Or like your page. Or share your article. I don’t even give testimonials.

If you do want to send me a book, please note that upon receiving said book it will be promptly recycled. If we’re friends and you’re releasing a book, I am going to buy your book: it is my way of showing kinship and supporting your endeavors.

To clarify: this is not because I’m an asshole (I mean I am, but this policy is not driven by this). I have simply adopted this inflexible policy to remain true to why I do this and what makes special to me.

The keeping my life as simple as possible includes audio or video messages. I prefer text because it’s easier to search/look up.

(If you want to know more, I expanded here: friendships can corrupt).

So what is Sol Orwell’s address?

I’ve included my mailing address as some people are searching for it anyway (and I likely linked you to this page because you asked for my address):

PO Box 592, Station-P
Toronto, ON
Canada M5S 2T1

This is the same address found at the end of emails for the SJO Fam (which ahem, you should join).