Category: Quick Thoughts

  • Always seek an opposing view

    I’m a firm believer in not only being cynical (from a perspective of logic), but also to actively seek criticisms on any theories or principles you are considering (or hold dear). Underrated? Wikipedia. Almost any fleshed out page will have a section on criticisms, and reading those is a great way of getting viewpoints you…

  • LTV for a brand can be tough…

    Customer bought a product from us Oct 2013. Spent $40. Came back yesterday and bought two products from us. Spent $130. User behavior is endlessly fascinating… And how do you figure a 6+ year gap into LTV?!

  • Opportunity trumps all.

    I’m from Kashmir. This is the reality many people world in. This is why I keep harping on how much opportunity matters in being successful. Best thing I ever did was somehow get born to the right pair of humans that moved my ass out. (Message sent to Taylor Jacobson of Focusmate)

  • There is no real “start”

    There is rarely a singular moment that signifies *the* “start.” It’s a liquid process from thinking to doing.

  • An example of someone’s first opportunity

    This past week I was in SF to hang with Kamal and map out’s future. (Fun stuff) Pretty much every day was the same – wake up, work, quick break to eat, continue working, and then watch some NBA while eating before I passed out. (One of the best things about West Coast –…