A different way to do your New Years Resolutions

I’m writing this after I just completed my morning walk with a shit-eating grin on my face (proceeded by my dear-God-why Canadian cold shower).

I just spent the past two weeks in the Caribbean. It was a fantastic vacation, but damn am I happy to be home.

Gorgeous Islands

I had a fantastic time. We went to three different islands – Island #1 had a population of only 5000 (and not a single street light). Island #2 clocked in at 500 people, and Island #3 came in at 150 people.

The beaches were gorgeous, deserted, sandy, and calm. The people were incredibly friendly – one of the chefs gave us her phone # and said to call her up in the morning, and she would make us whatever we wanted. Hell, because of her I was able to check off “turtle” and “shark” from my list of things I had not eaten before (and it doesn’t count if you’ve had it in soup).

The creature comforts were all there too. Other than mosquitoes, at no point was I like “sigh I’m uncomfortable or yearning for something I can’t get here.”

So while a lot of people would bemoan leaving such a tropical paradise, I was giddy about getting home.

Finally home…

I told this to a few friends before I got back yesterday, and it really crystallized for me on my walk:

I love my life at home

Now that I’m back, I have so many exciting things to do!

I can get to planning my upcoming Chocolate Chip Cookie Off 2017 (25+ professionals already committed!)

I can get to executing on my super exclusive/elite event I’ve been bouncing around in my head.

I can get to affecting people in a positive manner.

I can get to cracking on some guest posts I’ve been excited on sharing.

I can get to feasting on delicious foods (Toronto’s food scene is varied and fantastic).

Hell, I can get to hanging out with my friends, learning with them whilst shooting the shit with them.

Make your resolutions a bit differently

As the New Years rumbles into view, people have started asking me about what my resolutions were gonna be. And while my stock answer had been “I don’t really do resolutions,” I realized that the only resolution I need is: To make it harder to go on vacation from my life.

Your New Years Resolution: Make it harder to go on vacation

Ponder this…

So let this be an exercise for yourself… as you take stock of the past year and figure out what 2017 shall portend for you, instead of mulling over “what do I wanna do this year?” think “what should I do this year that would make me less likely to want to go on vacation?”

A solid goal is to live a life that doesn’t make you want to take a vacation from it.



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