Trust the process.

I gained a fair amount of weight while on my month-long trip.

And so I’ve been losing it. Same ol’ reliable system – more veggies, less overall food, a lot less treats, and moving throughout the day.

And the weight’s been coming off. And as always, it never does linearly – up and down, but trending down.

What’s been interesting is this has become less… stressful… as I’ve learned to trust the process.

We’re reactionary creatures, but a solid game plan that we follow through is usually much more fruitful (and a lot less stressful) then reacting to every single data point we receive.

This jives well with the arrival of 2019.

Have a game plan. Follow it through. Worry less about the fluctuations and variability; as long as your logic is sound and the trend is in the right direction, stick to it.

Trust the process.

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