Add a bit of salt to your life

I just received this crazy cookie about an hour ago:

(As you can tell, photography is not my forte)

I look at this monster (it’s 12 inches), and I think: oh shit, this is going to be hella sweet.

And let there be no doubt – I have a sweet tooth. My birthday tradition includes my lady making me six different desserts. Over the top but deeelicious.

With that said, whenever you have too much of anything, you get tired of it.

You lose the specialness because it overpowers everything else.

Add a bit of salt

I love cooking, and one of the fundamental truths is that for anything savory, add a bit of sugar.

And for anything sweet? Add a touch of salt.

This contrast of flavors helps you appreciate the primary flavor even more.

Think about it: take a chocolate chip cookie, sprinkle on a bit of Maldon salt on it, and it’s usually even tastier!

A bit of accentuating contrast can help underscore the primary much more nicely.

Be the yin to your own yang

We can take the lesson from cooking and baking 101 and apply it to ourselves should be how we approach everything.

Think about the man who rarely talks… but when he opens his mouth, everyone listens.

Think of a woman who rarely gets excited… but when she does, everyone perks up.

Think of the calm dog who’s usually lazily sleeping… but when he suddenly starts yapping at the door, you want to know why.

Atypical-ness accentuates everything else.

Add a bit of salt to your life

I love salt, so I’m always thinking: how can I add a bit of salt to my life?

The most delicious Coke I’ve ever had in my life? After a week of some soul-hardening camping.

Try applying this to yourself. Instead of always being sweet, add just a dash of salt. You may find people respond a lot more strongly, and you may find you enjoy life a bit more too.







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