Build a relationship (and some real grinding)

One of the little things I try to do is have a relationship with the owners/managers/employees of places I frequent.

Coffee shops. Cookie spots (of course). Convenience stores. Gym. Etc.

So I went to pick up some clothes from the tailor today, and we started chatting. I asked her about her New Years, and she dropped this on me:

“I took four days off. First time in 18 years I’ve taken four days off.”


Note that the four-day vacation was around Christmas. With the 24th on a Monday, she decided to live a little and take Saturday Sunday Monday and Tuesday off.

With New Years she just took Jan 1 off – other days were business as usual.

Here’s a small business owner with half a dozen employees and a store that I rarely see empty… and she’s never had four days off in a row until now.

That’s some real hustle and grind.

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