How little social media metrics matter

I posted a video of our Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off last week:

As I write this, it has:


Those are not impressive numbers. 3500 views is a pittance. I know dozens and dozens of people who could post a video of them just walking down a street and generate far more than 3500 views.

As an example, my friends over at How to Cake It posted an Instagram story about the cookie off and generated over 500,000 views.

(Let me note – 500,000 is bananas; they are incredibly good at what they do).

It’s easy to focus on metrics that don’t matter and forget about what does matter.

Are you focused on what matters?

Here’s the important question:

Of the people I know who could post a video and generate over 3500 views, how many of them could charge $500 and have 70 people fly to a major North American city for a 3-hour food event?

The answer: very few.

And that’s not me playing up my ego…

To take it even further, if my buddy Jayson had posted the video, I don’t think he would have gotten more views than I did. Here’s a video of him breaking down what he does best and that generated 3000 views:

Pffft, 3000 views.

Do you know how much he charges for his event?

$12,000 per ticket.

And you can’t just buy a ticket to his event. You need to apply, and only 1% are admitted.

Too many people focus on the size of the distribution, and too few focus on the quality.

Building an audience can be powerful, but creating a high-quality audience (often via strong relationships) is far more critical when making something sustainable and something you can generate significant money off of.

Social media can be a useful tool, but don’t get sucked into caring about vanity metrics. Either you use it, or it uses you.



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