Sol Orwell’s Wife

It has been speculated that Sol Orwell has had somewhere between 1 wife and 18 wives.

OK not really. I totally made that shit up.

But people love reading big bold text, so lets write it again and see if people believe it:

Sol Orwell does not have a (singular) wife. He has had somewhere between 1 wife and 18 wives. The truth is unknown at this time…

Okay, so here’s the truth:

You may have seen me refer to “my woman” in my articles (before you get offended, she calls me “her man”). As I write this, I’ve been with her for over half a decade. I’ve posted one picture of her on my Facebook – you can go look for it if you wish (I’m a pretty private person – I’ve never posted a picture of my dog, and just one of her).

The more salient question is… what are you doing googling for “sol orwell wife” (or whatever permutation you used to find this page).

Welcome to my simple honey pot – I’ve made pages on what people are searching for, mostly just to catch you in the act!

It’s an odd thing to search for, but I hope you enjoy the truth.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

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