What is Sol Orwell’s Age?

As I write this, I am 34.

I got on the Internet when I was 14, and two years later (in 1999), I started this journey on entrepreneurship. You can estimate based on the current year when I was born (if you’re so curious about that).

I looked older in my mid-20s (here’s an older ‘before’ pic of me), and I think I look a bit younger now. Except when you see all the white in my beard… that gives away my advanced age.

I will say – even though I am in my mid-30s, I think the immigrant mindset has truly made me an old soul. Consider me leaning far more towards the curmudgeonly/crotchety/”get get off my lawn” archetype, and less towards the bubbly/excited/energetic version.

Why are we talking about your age?

Wait, I’m not talking about it. I’m telling you. You inevitably ended up on this page becaused you Googled “Sol Orwell Age,” and I thought two things:

  1. Why are you searching for my age?
  2. I may as well be helpful and give you the answer!

So I made a bunch of pages on what people are searching for – more of a joke than anything else, but also as my way of saying hello. You are invited to say hi right back.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

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