Sol Orwell Forbes

Sol Orwell has appeared in Forbes multiple times:
  1. For his work on, the largest database of nutrition and supplement research.
  2. For his work on combining entrepreneurship, charity, networking, and food-offs. You can also read about how I leveraged all of them together on itself.
I’ve actually been in maybe half a dozen articles, but the above two revolve around some of my interests.

The dirty secret about Forbes (and other mainstream organizations) is that the magazines and the websites are run separately. Most of the content on mainstream organizations’ websites are actually from contributors who are not journalists.

So while I’ve been on twice, I have not been in the magazine itself.

And while I’ve put myself down juuuuust a tad, let me puff myself up – it was a real journalist that wrote about me. Whew, that makes it legit.

(I have appeared in magazines and the newspapers many times, and have even pitched quite a few stories that made it live).

Why are you talking about your Forbes page?

On a lark, I decided to make pages on the very topics people were searching for. Thus saving you time, exposing you as a potential stalker (aha! Also – hi!), and just making it a bit enjoyable for everyone.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

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