What is Sol Orwell’s Facebook Page?

Sol Orwell’s Facebook account is a gold mine of amazing information that can only be gleaned from the vast depth and breadth of experience someone only as brilliant as him could come up with.
Wow, that is some self-indulgent tripe ain’t it?
If you’re actually looking, that is my Facebook page. I don’t have a fan page – it’s just not who I am. So I just have that personal FB account where I post whatever drivel enters my mind.
I made this page as a joke – people were searching for it, so I figured I’d have some fun and make a page for it.
That same mindset is what I try to bring to social media (which means sol orwell twitter and I guess sol orwell linkedin, but definitely not sol orwell instagram). I don’t take myself too seriously, I pretty much never post any personal pictures (of my woman or of my dog), and my personal posts tend to be centered around where I’m going next (I write this in Japan on the Shinkansen as I head from Kyoto to Tokyo).
I really just use Facebook to muse on things and have the SJO Family respond (and keep me in check).
I also do use it as a place to garner more cookies for myself.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

Enjoy! Or even better – join the SJO.com Family (just below), and let’s have some fun.