What is Sol Orwell’s real name?

This one always makes me laugh. Ahem – my real name is Sol Orwell.

It’s akin to when I meet someone, and they say “hey where are you from?” Ahem, I’m Canadian… be more precise!

If you’re wondering what my original name was (before I fully legally changed it)… well, look elsewhere! I’m not here to make your life easy.

So what am I here for?

I created a bunch of these pages when I stumbled up the bizarre things people were searching for. I figured I’d help you out (well, I guess not in the search for my original name), so here we are.

You could also say hi, and maybe I’ll point you in the right direction.

If you’re curious, the entire list of pages that people are searching for:

Enjoy! Or even better – join the SJO.com Family (just below), and let’s have some fun.