What is Sol Orwell’s Net Worth?

By utilizing sources such as his multiple Forbes articles, his rugged beard, his odd love for cookies, and combining it with pixie dust, we can ascertain that Sol Orwell’s net worth is roughly $31.4159 million.

Just to make it big and bold, but equally made-up:

Sol Orwell’s net worth is estimated to be at $31.4159 million.

How were we able to ascertain the net worth?

Welcome to my silly honey pot on the most popular phrases people are searching on my name. This entirely irreverent series is meant for me to say hi to you and let you know that you’ve been caught in the act of stalking.

Unless you’re a journalist (do say hi). Or my mom (hi mom). Or say hi anyway.

So – you cheeky human – I do well enough. I’ve talked a bit about my successes before, and I’ve had three very serious offers for Examine.com in the low eight-figures range (of which I own most of).

If it wasn’t obvious – I just threw up the π as my net worth.

The reality is that my situation affords me to do what I want. I actually came up with writing this article while hanging out with my buddy Andy Morgan in Japan. And then after my trip, I headed off to San Fran for a week, and then after that, a week in Banff.

So what is my net worth? Irrelevant. What is relevant is that my income affords me to live the life I want.

Too many people chase money without having a reason on why they want whatever amount it is they are chasing.

Me? I’m more into having an interesting life.

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